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TikTok Official LIVE Creator Agency

At Otso Media, we understand the challenges that TikTok LIVE creators face and the need for an expert's guiding hand in navigating this dynamic platform.

If you have a burning desire to elevate your TikTok LIVE career, then you're exactly the kind of creator we want to work with. Success demands commitment and a relentless drive to grow. If you're ready to invest your time, effort, and passion into this journey, then we're excited to hear from you.


Let's reach new heights together!

TikTok Official LIVE Creator Agency

Otso Media is a TikTok official agency, which means we work with TikTok directly. We are all about supporting talented creators like you!

Meet new people!

Have fun and feel safe in our community!


We provide professional guidance, tailored strategies, brand collaborations, and a community of like-minded creators to help you grow your TikTok career. Together, we'll unleash your full potential!

See what @tiktoklive_uk says about agencies!

Eligibility Check

Please read the requirements carefully and make sure you are eligible for joining our LIVE creator agency before applying.

Be 18 or over

Committed to Go LIVE at least 7 days per month

Less than 1M followers

Currently does not earned more than 350K diamond per month

UK region TikTok account

Not in a TikTok LIVE agency

Willing to follow the agency guideline


Apply to Join

Let's make something extraordinary together!

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